God is giving you a new chance to grow
A tender new plant in caring hands


So many societal ills that we find or hear about today are products of failed yesterdays. So many people get stagnated and fail to move forward because they are haunted by the ghost of yesterday’s failures. Some would be successful businessmen and women are living in penury today because having failed before, they are afraid to launch out into the deep. You have attempted marriage but it ended in divorce; you have attempted business, it ended in failure or bankruptcy. You attempted a relationship and it ended in heartbreak. You cannot even sum up courage to trust friends anymore because they have let you down in the past. God wants me to tell you through this medium He can and will give you a new beginning. Don’t dwell in the past.

Why does God not want you to dwell in the past (Isaiah 43:18)?

  1. The past is a prison house in which Satan magnifies the uncertainty of the future.
  2. The past will remind you of how your ancestors died in poverty as failures, and how you as their offspring cannot rise above them.
  3. The past will remind you of how incurable the infirmity that plagues your life is; how nobody has ever survived it, and how you are the next to die.
  4. The past will remind you of many reasons your marriage cannot work, and why you cannot succeed in that business you are doing now.

GOD HOWEVER SAYS… (Isaiah 43:19)

  1. I will do a new thing
  2. NOW it shall spring forth
  3. I will do something unusual
  4. Everything constituting hindrances to you shall obey God for your sake

Why God will subdue all things to give you a new beginning

  1. So that you may fulfil the purpose for which He created you (to show forth His praise).  

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