Festival Spirit
Dancing at a festive scene

TEXT: 2 Sam. 13:23-29

INTRODUCTION: There is a perculiar spirit associated with festive moments. This festive spirit is at work whenever festive seasons set in. It is the same in all tribes and nations around the world. Outstanding characteristics of festive seasons include

1. Irrational excitement

2. High momentum of immoral behavoiur

3. Drunkenness and revelry

4. Wanton spirit of carelessness and unguarded behaviour

5. Violence and hooliganism

God’s counsel for the moment is BEWARE (Deut. 8:10-12)

A. Why is it necessary for believers to beware?

1. The world system is under the control of Satan 2 Cor. 4:4

2. Although the believer is in the world, he is not of the world Jn. 15:18, 19

3. Although Christmas is a commemoration of the birth of Christ, Satan has hijacked most of its programmes

4. Each of us shall give account of himself to God Rom. 14:12

5. It is easier to die in festive seasons because all guards are down 2 Sam. 13:28

CONCLUSION: To beware is to be aware. This very short article sensitizes us on the danger of getting overcharged with blinding excitement in the name of celebration. It is better and more reasonable to be sane in celebration then live to celebrate again, than to make headlines as the lone victim of wanton and senseless celebration: The guy that died in the festive period. If Christ is the reason for Christmas, let us therefore place Christ before the Mass.

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