Books of the Bible and their authors

The Holy Bible is divided into different books
The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible has 66 books. These comprise 39 books in the Old Testament also known as the Hebrew Scriptures and 27 books in the New Testament also referred as the Christian Greek Scriptures. The 66 books of the Bible were authored by about 40 men over a time span of approximately 1,500 years between about 200 BC and the middle decades of the first century AD. Below is the list of the books of the Holy Bible and their authors.

Old Testament

Books Authors

Genesis Moses

Exodus Moses

Leviticus Moses

Numbers. Moses

Deuteronomy Moses

Joshua Joshua

Judges Samuel

Ruth. Samuel

1 Samuel Samuel, Gad, Nathan

2 Samuel Gad, Nathan

1 Kings Jeremiah

2 Kings Jeremiah

1 Chronicles Ezra

2 Chronicles Ezra

Ezra Ezra

Nehemiah. Nehemiah

Esther Mordecai

Job. Moses

Psalms David, Sons of Korah, Asaph, Ethan the Ezrahite, Solomon, Moses, Anonymous (49 Psalms)

Proverbs Solomon, Agur, Lemuel

Ecclesiastes Solomon

Songs of Solomon Solomon

Isaiah Isaiah

Jeremiah Jeremiah

Lamentations Jeremiah

Ezekiel Ezekiel

Daniel Daniel

Hosea Hosea

Joel Joel

Amos Amos

Obadiah Obadiah

Jonah Jonah

Micah Micah

Nahum Nahum

Habakkuk Habakkuk

Zephaniah. Zephaniah

Haggai Haggai

Zechariah Zechariah

Malachi Malachi

New Testament

Matthew. Matthew

Mark Mark

Luke Luke

John Apostle John

Acts of the Apostles Luke

Romans Paul

1 Corinthians. Paul

2 Corinthians. Paul

Galatians Paul

Ephesians Paul

Philippians Paul

Colossians Paul

1 Thessalonians. Paul

2 Thessalonians Paul

1 Timothy Paul

2 Timothy Paul

Titus. Paul

Philemon Paul

Hebrews Unknown (but greatly believed to be Paul by style and diction)

James James (Jesus’ brother)

1 Peter Apostle Peter

2 Peter Apostle Peter

1 John Apostle John

2 John Apostle John

3 John Apostle John

Jude Jude (Jesus’ brother)

Revelations Apostle John

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