Couples should cultivate healthy communication

Maintaining bliss in marriage

Marriage, from the biblical point of view, is supposed to be blissful. True and genuine love has a magnetic pull that makes the people...
There can be dating without sex

In spite of my deep prayer life and serious commitment to things of God,...

When God created man, he planted in him five basic instincts to make him functionally normal. These instincts are food seeking, self preservation, reproduction,...
To demonstrate that even the hottest love affair can go cold

Why do people change in relationship?

I have been thinking deeply about how people change in relationship, mostly after marriage, from who or what they were when they met initially....
To show that sex is divine arrangement for the fulfilment of divine purposes

Is sex sinful?

Sex is one word that has been so much misused, misapplied and misunderstood. If children dare to mention it in the presence of their...

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