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When God created man, he planted in him five basic instincts to make him functionally normal. These instincts are food seeking, self preservation, reproduction, dominance and acquisition. According to Cherry and Swaim (2020) instincts are goal-directed and innate patterns of behaviour that are not the result of learning or experience. They mention Psychologist William McDougall as one of the first to write about instinct, giving a list of 18 different instincts which include curiosity, maternal instinct, laughter, comfort, sex, and food seeking.

Do not forget that in Genesis 1:31, “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good,” those instincts created by God are very good because he created them for a purpose.

Talking about the five basic instincts mentioned above: Food-seeking, self preservation, reproduction, dominance and acquisition, God placed them there in us to make us normal. None of these instincts was created by Satan and none is demonic.

However, it is necessary to remember that abusing anything is sinful and sin lies in the domain of Satan. Do not also forget that to abuse means to use arbitrarily (or to use in a way God never intended for it to be used). So, abusing any of these instincts results in sin.

Every human has these instincts. In fact, even animals do also. If you do not have food-seeking instinct, you can’t feel hungry. If you don’t feel hungry, you will not eat. The result is you will die of mal-nutrition. If you don’t have the instinct of self-preservation, you will not take initiative to protect yourself and so may die accidentally at a time you ought not to. If you don’t have the instinct of dominance, you will not make a leader. Everyone is born to become a leader someday either as a father or a mother. If you don’t have the instinct of acquisition, you will not have a desire to work in order to own things on your own to an end that you may be preserved and provided for. Similarly, if you don’t have the instinct of reproduction (which is driven by that thing you refer to as sex drive), you certainly will not have a desire to marry. While marriage is not meant for the production of offspring alone, offspring production is, however, a primary consideration in marriage because it is through that that the human race is perpetuated.

Therefore, your having a strong sex drive is not demonic. It only shows that your body is functioning exactly the way God intended it to function. It shows that you are a healthy human being, not sickly. Just as you are not demon-possessed because you feel hungry; you certainly are not demon-possessed because you feel horny.

If, however, you steal food when you feel hungry, you have committed sin and sin lies in the domain of Satan who uses his agents called demons to cause people to sin. In the same manner, if you seek sexual gratification from the wrong source (the right source is your spouse only), you have yielded yourself to Satan and demons have taken over.
Whether you are a born again Christian or a pagan, you must have a strong sex drive if you are healthy. The very reason you must define your limits when going on a date with an opposite sex.

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