To show that champions are made through challenges
Athletes in a challenge

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivered him out of them all. Psalm 34:19

Challenges, which Merriam Webster Dictionary defines as difficult tasks or problems; things that are difficult to do, are things tha.t most people, especially children of God, spend time to wish and pray they wouldn’t experience. Most challenges in life take the semblance of affliction depending on their magnitude and gravity. For example, the challenges Job experienced were such that no human would ever wish they experience them (Job 1:13-19). Some of life’s challenges are so difficult that sometimes one is tempted to think that God is wicked but He is just the opposite. As terrible as challenges are, they are, however, a necessary factor in human all round development.

The Scripture cited above states that the afflictions of the righteous are many. Why should it be the righteous (of all people) that are exposed to many afflictions. It is because God wants the righteous to reap the benefits of challenges. Do challenges have benefits then? Sure they do. Such benefits include:.

  1. Training the mind for problem solving.
  2. Toughening the human faculty to withstand and overcome adversity.
  3. Preparing one to handle higher responsibilities.
  4. Developing skills to manage a higher deluge of God’s blessings.

On the surface challenges are so frustrating but they have inherent benefits. Maybe you have bought your child a puzzle game before, and perhaps have watched the child struggling to put the pieces of the puzzle together to arrive at a resolution. Certainly you did not buy the puzzle to punish the child. You did that to help him develop the skills of creative and critical thinking. There you are watching your loving child struggle with the problematic puzzle. At some point, you feel like you should reach out and show him/her what to do, but instinctively you restrain yourself. All of a sudden, the child gets it right and you give him a high five and celebrate him. The child also rejoices in his sense of accomplishment. So does God not allow challenges in your life as a punishment but to make of you a sterner stuff to inherit glory.

Child of God, in every challenge you are grappling with in life, God, your loving Father is there with you. He does help out when the puzzle of your life proves too tough; but most of the time He stands to watch you strain your wits to resolve issues because God “according to his divine power has given unto us all that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue (2 Peter 1:3).” He does not want you to sink in that challenge and you will NOT sink in Jesus’ name. He is actually waiting to give you the high five and celebrate you as you apply the resources He has provided you to resolve that stubborn puzzle (and you WILL in Jesus’ name).

Remember in our text, we are told that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivered him from THEM ALL. Someday, very soon, you will look around but you will not see any of those challenges anymore because the puzzles have been resolved and God has delivered you. That, however, does not mean an end of challenges in your life. More will come for your good. The more the merrier. Dust yourself up and face the challenges. They are for your promotion.

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