To demonstrate that even the hottest love affair can go cold
A disgruntled couple

I have been thinking deeply about how people change in relationship, mostly after marriage, from who or what they were when they met initially. Could it be that they have found out that their partners were not really who they said they were or is it really possible that people who were once head over heels in love can suddenly or gradually fall out of love.
Take for instance, a couple who couldn’t stay without calling or texting each other several times over each day when they started out in love suddenly feel bothered whenever the same person they couldn’t do without calls or texts. Some will ignore their partners text messages for days and pretend they didn’t see it. They will evade their phone calls and look away, allowing the phone to ring out. No more excitement, no more longing. What really is the cause of this and what is the way forward. Please drop your view in the comment box below. You can save a life through this.

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